Production Grinding

While we produce a wide range of knockout pins, drill blanks and custom punches, Ever Ready Pin & Manufacturing also employs its many years of grinding expertise to perform secondary operations on cold-headed, plastic and screw-machine parts. We provide close tolerances on outer diameters, under-cut diameters and flat surfaces, as well as precise multiple steps, angles and/or radii.

To best serve our production-grinding and custom-grinding customers, we have developed a method for producing flats on the outside diameter of parts using grinding equipment and Ever Ready Pin expertise. This unusual but extremely effective method results in significant cost savings and a more consistent end result than broaching and milling. We also pride ourselves on expertly grinding captive fasteners.

Production-grinding and custom-grinding quantities range from just one specialty part to 1,000,000 pieces in sizes from .012 to 4-1/2 inches in diameter. We provide tolerances within .0001 of an inch and finishes within six micro-inches.