Precision Knock-out Pins, Custom Punches, and Bar Grinding

Ever Ready Pin & Manufacturing knows that without accuracy on our part, your project may never come together properly. So we make a strong point of not only investing in the latest technology for production – we also continually invest in state-of-the-art equipment for inspection to ensure we meet your specs and expectations.

Our current inventory of screening machinery that helps you do your best work includes: Mitutoyo Roundtest RA-114 to measure roundness, concentricity, coaxiality, circular run-out (radial), circular run-out (axial), squareness (against axis), squareness (against plane), thickness deviation, flatness & parallelism several .000020 & .000050 Mahr gages to measure diameters

Our Calibrated Equipment Includes:

  • Mitutoyo SJ-201 surface tester
  • two Edmunds Accusetter air gages
  • four 14” ST-Industries optical comparators
  • 30” ST-Industries optical comparator
  • two 14” Gagemaster optical comparators
  • Rams Rockford Products hardness tester
  • several Universal Concentricity gages
  • Mitutoyo LSM-9506 laser micrometer, and
  • many other precision hand-held measuring instruments.

Ever Ready Pin has invested in more than one unit for machines that are used with frequently needed parts and applications, but we also have the tools that ensure exacting custom work. Through careful machining procurement, we meet our promises of both timeliness and precision for all of our knock-out pin, custom punch and bar grinding customers.