Knock-Out Or KO Pins

Ever Ready Pin & Manufacturing is one of the world’s leading suppliers of knockout pins – also referred to as knock-out pins, KO pins or ejector pins – to the fastener industry. These pins, designed for use in many cold-heading applications, can be supplied as straight, headed or assembled with buttons. Most orders placed today are shipped today to help keep your production timeline.

Standard pin material is M-2 high-speed steel hardened to Rockwell C 61 to 64. We also create custom knockout pins, including those with special heads, and we craft knockout pins from other materials and metal strengths when our clients require it.

Because knockout pins are used in so many applications, we offer a wide range of sizes. We craft knockout pins in diameters ranging from .012 to 3 inches and in lengths up to 48 inches with a uniformly high level of precision.